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Montane Racquet-tail Prioniturus montanus   - Female
Montane Racquet-tail
Photographer : © Merlijn van Weerd
Location :at ~1150 m in montane forest, Calanasan, Apayao Province, northern Cordillera Mountains, Luzon, Philippines
Date : 6 May 2010
English synonyms:Montane Racquettail, Mountain Racquet-tail, Mountain Racket-tail, Mountain Racket-tailed Parrot, Mountain Racquet-tailed Parrot, Luzon Racket-tailed Parrot, Red-crowned Racket-tail, Luzon Racquet-tail, Luzon Montane Racquet-tail, Luzon Crimson-spotted Racket-tailed Parrot, Crimson-spotted Racket-tailed Parrot, Red-crowned Racquet Parrot
Bird Family :Psittacidae - Parrots, Parakeets, Lories, Lorikeets, Cockatoos, Corellas, Guaiabero & Racquet-tails
Red Data Status :Near Threatened
Remarks :
Taxonomic Notes :Monotypic species endemic to Luzon in the Philippines.

Mindanao Racquet-tail Prioniturus waterstradti was formerly considered conspecific but is now treated as a separate species.

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