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Seram Thrush Zoothera joiceyi   - Female
Seram Thrush
Photographer : © Pierre-Henri Fabre
Location :caught at 1600m on Gunung Binaiya, Seram, Indonesia
Date : 15 February 2012
English synonyms:Ceram Thrush, Moluccan Thrush
Bird Family :Turdinae - Thrushes, Blackbirds & Shortwings
Red Data Status :Near Threatened
Remarks :Note the lack of an eye-ring, the scaled pattern created by the white-edged black feathers of the sides and flanks, the all-black ear coverts, and the graduation in colour from the rufous-brown crown to the sooty olive-brown mantle, all of which distinguish this species from Buru Thrush Zoothera dumasi. This individual is moulting its white-tipped median wing coverts, so the single wing-bar pattern formed by these is somewhat obscured.
Taxonomic Notes :Species endemic to the island of Seram in the South Moluccas, Indonesia.

The original Moluccan Thrush Zoothera dumasi is separated into two species: Buru Thrush Zoothera dumasi and Seram Thrush Zoothera joiceyi following Collar, N.J. (2004) Species limits in some Indonesian thrushes. Forktail 20:71-87.

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