Oriental Bird Images

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Common Crane Grus grus lilfordi  
Common Crane
Photographer : © Jugal Tiwari
Location :Kutch, Gujarat, India
Date : 15 March 2010
English synonyms:Crane, Gray Crane, Grey Crane, Eurasian Crane, European Crane
Bird Family :Gruidae - Typical Cranes
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :An estimated 40,000 Common Cranes over-winter in Banni desert, grassland, halophyte land where their major food component is the tubers of a sedge locally known as Theglo or Dhamor (Cyperus rotundus). Common Cranes arrive in Banni on 17-19th September every year and stay till March 20th. Most of the Cranes start their return migration journey from Banni in the first week of March. But the situation varies every year, all depends on the amount of rainfall received in the semi arid desert tract (average rain fall is 340mm). The seasonal water-bodies like Chhari-Dhand, Servo-Dhand, vakeria-Dhand, Hodko-thath, Bhagadia-thath etc provide the much required wetland habitat for roosting, drinking water and feeding on the aquatic vegetation and the tubers of Kaloor and Deer-reeds (local names). The important ecological role that the huge numbers of Common Cranes (spending almost 6 months) in 3847 sq.km of the Banni landscape is to upturn the soil for exposing the tubers of sedges (this helps soil aeration) and providing exposed food for the birds which cannot dig the tubers. - JT