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European Roller Coracias garrulus   - Juvenile
European Roller
Photographer : © Jugal Tiwari
Location :Kutch, Gujarat, India
Date : 13 September 2008
English synonyms:Roller, Blue Roller, Eurasian Roller, Common Roller
Bird Family :Coraciidae - Rollers & Dollarbird
Red Data Status :Near Threatened
Remarks :Most common passage migrant through the Kutch peninsula in the months of July to October.
My estimate of the population size that passes through the 45,612 sq km land of Kutch is about 5000 birds/year. The number may be more but not less.
I have counted the numbers many time criss-crossing the district on a 300 km drive through the district and the number in one such drive always crossed 200. - JT The monsoon season (June 15 th onwards triggers the good insect life, the European rollers were seen feeding on painted Grasshoppers, Preying-mantis, crickets and sometimes skinks and fanthroated Lizards.