Oriental Bird Images

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Carrion Crow Corvus corone orientalis   - Courtship ritual
Carrion Crow
Photographer : © Nikhil Devasar
Location :Thikse, Indus Valley, Ladakh, India
Date : Early June 2005
English synonyms:Crow, Common Crow, Eurasian Crow, Hooded Crow (cornix, sharpii)
Bird Family :Corvini - Jays, Magpies, Treepies, Ground-jays, Nutcrackers, Choughs, Jackdaws, Crows, Rook & Ravens
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :It all started on the ground and then moved on. One of them [presumably the male] was stripping bark off the perch and offering it to its mate. - ND