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 Tobias Stenzel
Tobias Stenzel
 Tobias Stenzel was born in 1971. He graduated in biology, specialising in ecology, botany and nature protection, from the Martin-Luther-University of Halle in 1997. Since then he has worked for nature conservation. His first contact with the Oriental Region was during his university studies on a field trip through Mongolia, from the Selenge-Orchon-Basin in the North to Bordzongijn Gov in the South. In 2000 he began his dissertation on quantitative investigations of breeding bird communities in the Orchon-Selenge-Region and returned to Mongolia every year. His research covers mainly quantitative aspects of of bird distributions, but also ecological questions. Raptors are a favourite study object. Photography is a hobby.
Country :Germany
Email :Tobias.Stenzel@web.de
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Occupation :Freelance conservation biologist and ornithologist
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