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 Pierre-Henri Fabre
Pierre-Henri Fabre
 My passion for natural history, paleontology and travel gave me the luck to collaborate on several paleontological and biological expeditions. These collaborations have reinforced my enthusiasm in being involved in fieldwork and allowed me to visit a great diversity of mammals, birds, orchids and dragonflies in several countries. In collaboration with Knud J√łnsson and the LIPI (Indonesia, Bogor), we organized three missions in Indonesia aiming to collect bird and mammal specimens and tissues along with ecological and functional anatomy data.

I am Associate Professor at Montpellier University and Associate Researcher at Smithsonian Institute, USNM mammal.

Country :France
Email :phstanford@yahoo.fr
Homepage :https://scholar.google.fr/citations?user=yEOG9boAAAAJ&hl=en
Occupation :Associate Professor
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