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 Rajamanikam Ramamoorthy
Rajamanikam Ramamoorthy
 Currently I'm pursuing PhD in sustainable waste management at Pondicherry University, India and am also Guest Lecturer in Environmental Science to Under Graduate College Bharathiar Palakalai Koodam, Puducherry. Became interested in wetland birds while pursuing Masters in Environmental Science and have been involved in conservation activities since then. Have been working towards community-level waste management and environment protection since 2008 under the NGO PondyCAN and Waste management organisations like Shuddam and EcoService of Auroville where I've been co-ordinator of Community Outreach since 2009. Implemented CSE Green Campus program in schools of Pondicherry between 2011-15 - helping students to conduct land, waste and energy audits and to develop green campus through butterfly gardening and herbal gardening at schools. I've also been conducting wetland awareness program since 2011 supported by PondyCAN in schools located in the vicinity of 3 threatened IBAs of Pondicherry bioregion with birds as the main focus. The program involved lecture, birdwatching and internalization sessions; has reached 1200 students belonging to 30 schools. In 2014 I extended the program to school drop outs in the region with the help of Pollination Project. Received Puducherry-Auroville CMS VATAVARAN Green Amabassador award 2014. CMS Vatavaran is a nationally acclaimed environment & wildlife film festival and forum. (1 April 2015)
Country :India
Email :rajma86@gmail.com
Homepage :https://www.facebook.com/rajamanikam.ramamoorthy
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