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Horsfield's Hill Partridge Arborophila orientalis   - Adult
Horsfield's Hill Partridge
Photographer : © Mohit Kumar Ghatak
Location :Erek-Erek, Ijen Forest, East Java, Indonesia
Date : 2 March 2019
English synonyms:Grey-breasted Partridge, Grey-breasted Hill Partridge, Sunda Grey-breasted Partridge, Grey-bellied Partridge, Bare-throated Partridge, Bare-throated Hill Partridge, Horsfield's Tree Partridge, Bar-backed Partridge, Brown-breasted Partridge, Bare-throated Tree Partridge, Gray-breasted Hill-Partridge, White-faced Partridge
Bird Family :Phasianidae - Partridges, Chukar, Francolins, Quails, Spurfowl, Pheasants, Tragopans, Monals, Junglefowl, Arguses, Peafowl, Grouse, Ptarmigans & Capercaillies
Red Data Status :Vulnerable
Remarks :I saw a flock of 10 individuals - MKG
Taxonomic Notes :Species endemic to east Java. Formerly considered conspecific with A. rolli, A. campbelli and A. sumatrana under the name Grey-breasted Partridge Arborophila orientalis but now split following
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