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Nicobar Megapode Megapodius nicobariensis  
Nicobar Megapode
Photographer : © Garima Bhatia
Location :Great Nicobar, Nicobar Islands, India
Date : 19 December 2015
English synonyms:Nicobar Scrubfowl, Nicobar Scrubhen
Bird Family :Megapodiidae - Megapodes, Scrubfowl & Maleo
Red Data Status :Vulnerable
Remarks :The target bird of our camping trip to Galathea, we could hear one individual calling almost immediately after our arrival at the camp, and subsequently located a nest under construction, located at a 45 min hike from the camp. Over the next two days we went in batches and sat in a hide to get great views of this otherwise shy and elusive bird. - GB
Taxonomic Notes :Species endemic to the Nicobar Islands, India.
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