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Groundpecker/Ground Tit Pseudopodoces humilis  
Groundpecker/Ground Tit
Photographer : © Subrato Sanyal
Location :Tso Kar, Ladakh, India
Date : 2 September 2019
English synonyms:Hume's Groundpecker, Hume's Ground Pecker, Hume's Ground-pecker, Hume's Ground Jay, Hume's Ground-jay, Hume's Groundjay, Brown Ground Jay, Hume's Ground Chough, Hume's Ground-chough, Brown Ground-chough, Tibetan Ground Jay, Tibetan Groundjay, Tibetan Ground-jay, Little Ground Jay, Little Groundjay, Little Ground-jay, Ground-tit, Tibetan Ground Tit, Tibetan Groundpecker
Bird Family :Paridae - Typical Tits, Sultan Tit, Groundpecker, Yellow-browed Tit
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :
Taxonomic Notes :

Monotypic species endemic to the Tibetan Plateau.

Transferred from the Corvidae to the Paridae. Refs:
Borecky, S.R. 1978. Evidence for the removal of Pseudopodoces humilis from the Corvidae. Bull Brit. Ornith. Club 98: 36-37.
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Londei, T. 2002. Hume's Groundpecker Pseudopodoces humilis: the smallest corvid or the largest tit? Oriental Bird Club Bull. 36: 52-53.

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