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Dead Sea Sparrow Passer moabiticus moabiticus   - Adult male
Dead Sea Sparrow
Photographer : © Aurélien Audevard
Location :near Lake Jabul, Syria
Date : 26 April 2006
English synonyms:Scrub Sparrow, Afghan Sparrow (yatii)
Bird Family :Passerinae - Sparrows, Petronias & Snowfinches
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :Ordinarily a secretive species, this male was so busy constructing a nest out of dry grasses mixed with mud at the edge of a reed bed that he allowed himself to be photographed easily. - AA

Note: This subspecies of Dead Sea Sparrow is not known to occur in the Oriental Region. Normally, it is not the policy of OBI to include such extralimital subspecies, but since the chances of obtaining images of the "correct" subspecies yatii are very slim, an exception has been made in this case. The breeding male of yatii is described as having a yellow wash on the underparts, strongest on the breast and flanks, and paler more sandy-brown upperparts. If anyone has any photos of yatii they would like to contribute to OBI, please contact the imagemaster at the email address given on the home page. - Ed.

Taxonomic Notes :The race occurring in the Oriental Region yatii is sometimes treated as a separate full species Afghan Sparrow Passer (m.) yatii.
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