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Derbyan Parakeet Psittacula derbiana   - Adult male
Derbyan Parakeet
Photographer : © Sujan Chatterjee
Location :close to Dong Valley, past Walong, Anjaw District, Arunachal Pradesh, India
Date : 23 April 2014
English synonyms:Lord Derby's Parakeet, Derby's Parakeet, Chinese Parakeet, Upper Yangtze Parakeet
Bird Family :Psittacidae - Parrots, parakeets, lories, lorikeets, cockatoos, corellas, guaiabero & racquet-tails
Red Data Status :Near Threatened
Remarks :More birds were located near Mesai and Helmet Top. The sightings happened between 1070m and 1830m. Flocks of up to eight birds were seen feeding on pine trees and other shrubs where berries were fruiting. - SC
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