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Silver Oriole Oriolus mellianus   - Male
Silver Oriole
Photographer : © Mike Kilburn
Location :Nanling National Nature Reserve, Guangdong, China
Date : April 2004
English synonyms:Mell's Maroon Oriole, Mell's Oriole, Stresemann's Maroon Oriole, Stresemann's Oriole
Bird Family :Oriolidae - Orioles, Figbirds, Cuckooshrikes, Trillers, Minivets & Flycatcher-shrikes
Red Data Status :Endangered
Remarks :Nanling National Nature Reserve in North Guangdong is probably the best place to see this little-known S China breeding endemic, which was formerly lumped with Maroon Oriole. The best time to search for it is in late April and early May, when the males are displaying to establish their territories. - MK
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