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?Long-billed Bush Warbler Locustella major  
?Long-billed Bush Warbler
Photographer : © Arun P Singh
Location : Nauni (1250m), nr Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India
Date : Late September 2004
English synonyms:Large-billed Bush Warbler, Large-billed Bush-Warbler, Large-billed Scrub Warbler, Long-billed Bush-Warbler
Bird Family :Acrocephalinae - Tesias, Stubtails, Warblers & Tailorbirds
Red Data Status :Near Threatened
Remarks :The jizz, size and shape best fit a Bradypterus warbler. The bill is a typical long and sleek for the species. Thick rounded tail with prominent undertail coverts are plain buff as in B.major and not dark-centred with pale fringes as in B. thoracius. Whitish lower throat and upper breast and flanks bright buff, spotting on the breast not noticed/prominent (spotting on the breast in these species is variable and difficult to see in the field). However, white spots are present on the ear coverts and one big spot behind the eye that looks like a supercilium or an indistinct supercilium. Upper parts are rufous instead of dark-olive as said for the species. Looking at the skin photographs of museum specimens in British Natural History Museum bird section in Tring, there is a possibility that the bird might appear quite rufous in the field. Besides, the color of the legs is greyish-brown in this individual. Call, a grating ‘trrr’ heard at intervals given from the hide. This individual was observed calling from a dense thicket of grass, playing hide and seek on approaching it by vanishing and then coming out at some other point in the thicket of over grown grass and wild herbs besides the edge of an oak forest close to water. This is possibly the first field photo of this species. Comments are welcome. - APS
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