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Greater Sand Plover Charadrius leschenaultii   - Partial breeding plumage
Greater Sand Plover
Photographer : © Prashant Tewari
Location :Modhva Beach, near Mandvi, Kutch, Gujarat, India
Date : 10 April 2015
English synonyms:Greater Sandplover, Great Sand Plover, Geoffrey's Plover, Geoffroy's Plover, Geoffrey's Dotterel, Geoffrey's Sand Dotterel, Geoffrey's Sand-Plover, Great Dotterel, Greater Dotterel, Great Sand-Dotterel, Large Dotterel, Greater Sand-Dotterel, Large Sand Dotterel, Large-billed Sand-Dotterel, Large-billed Dotterel, Large Sand Plover, Large-billed Sand-Plover, Sand Plover, Sandplover, Thick-bill Plover
Bird Family :Charadriinae - Plovers, Dotterels & Lapwings
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :This Greater Sand Plover was found with an aluminium ring on the bird's right tarsus and an orange plastic tag marked "TA" on the right tibia.

Information about the ringing and tagging from Colin Jackson:
Ring no. A70821 (Nairobi, Kenya Ring) - right tarsus
Ringed: 8 November 2004
Location: Mida Creek, Kenya
Coordinates: 0319S 3958E (3.328004S 39.965380E)
Age Class: 4 (adult)
Wing: not measured
Mass: 71.9g
Moult: 5^10
Ringer: Francis Argyle
Time: 23:00 hrs

The bird was then RETRAPPED and then colour-flagged on this later date:
Colour flag: Orange with black script 'TA' on right tibia
Date retrapped: 16 September 2013
Location: as above
Age Class: 4 (adult)
Wing: 144
Head: 55.6
Mass: 78.3
Moult: 5551000000
Time of capture: 04:15 hrs
Ringer: C.Jackson

With the bird having now been seen on 10 April 2015, it makes it 10 years 5 months and 3 days since it was ringed (as an adult).

Distance of sighting from ringing site: 4,308km

This is the first recovery of a Greater Sand Plover from East Africa to anywhere. There was one ringed in Sudan in 1981 that was recovered in Syria in 1982, but that is the only other recovery of this species. This is therefore a very exciting recovery and thanks to Prashant Tiwari for photographing and reporting it. Please look out for more! We are colour-flagging Terek Sandpipers with white flags and Lesser Sand Plovers also with white flags.

Colin Jackson

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