Oriental Bird Images

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Comb Duck Sarkidiornis melanotos melanotos   - Male with prey
Comb Duck
Photographer : © Jaysukh Parekh “Suman”
Location :Kutch, Gujarat, India
Date : 4 January 2013
English synonyms:Knob-billed Duck, Knob-billed Goose, Nakta, Nakhta, Nukta, Nukhta, Black-backed Goose
Bird Family :Anserini - Geese, atypical ducks & pygmy-geese
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :I saw for the first time a Comb Duck with a mollusc in its beak. Although I have seen this year in Bhuj Open-bill Stork many times behaving like this. In this picture the Comb Duck has caught a mollusc from in the water and is going towards the small island to break or feed. You can see remaining parts (waste) of molluscs and some stones on the island.(Possibly the Comb Ducks or other birds may have hammered or used the stones to break the molluscs open. I have not seen that.) - JPS