Oriental Bird Images

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Barn Owl Tyto alba javanica   - Adult
Barn Owl
Photographer : © David Bakewell
Location :Penaga rice-fields, mainland Penang, Malaysia
Date : 9 March 2005
English synonyms:Common Barn Owl, Common Barn-owl, Western Barn Owl, Eastern Barn Owl (javanica), White Owl, Australian Barn-Owl (delicatula), Delicate Owl (delicatula), Lesser Masked Owl (delicatula), Monkey-faced Owl (delicatula), Cave Owl (delicatula), Screech Owl (delicatula), Pearly Owl
Bird Family :Tytonidae - Barn Owls, Grass Owls, Masked Owls & Bay Owls
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :Boxes like these are commonly erected in rice-growing areas in northern Peninsular Malaysia, specifically to attract Barn Owls, which provide efficient and cheap pest control for the farmers.