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European Roller Coracias garrulus  
European Roller
Photographer : © Jugal Tiwari
Location :Kutch, Gujarat, India
Date : 27 September 2012
English synonyms:Roller, Blue Roller, Eurasian Roller, Common Roller
Bird Family :Coraciidae - Rollers & Dollarbird
Red Data Status :Near Threatened
Remarks :My conservative estimate of the number of European Rollers passing through Kutch (Late July to early October) is approximately 5000 birds. It is a Near Threatened bird. The increasing concern for its survival is that they use the electric wire lines passing through the cotton fields where cotton is sprayed with heavy pesticides, the insects they feed on are drenched in pesticides (or the food chain of insectivorous birds is infested with pesticides). Cotton is grown on large scale all over Kutch and the passage migration season to bird migration season coincides with the cotton cultivation. The crop pattern has changed with the time. It may on the long run become the cause of population decline for many resident and migratory birds. - JT