Oriental Bird Images

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Rough-crested Malkoha Dasylophus superciliosus superciliosus   - Adult carrying nesting material
Rough-crested Malkoha
Photographer : © Joaquin J Quisumbing
Location :BK Valley, Mount Banahaw, Quezon Province, Luzon, Philippines
Date : 28 June 2014
English synonyms:Rough-crested Cuckoo, Red-crested Malkoha
Bird Family :Cuculidae - Old World Cuckoos, Koels & Malkohas
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :According to the Kennedy field guide, "Probably not a nest parasite. Nest and eggs not described." So, this series of photos may be the first photo records ever of a nesting Red-Crested Malkoha. - RQ