Oriental Bird Images

Long-tailed Shrike Lanius schach   - Adult
Long-tailed Shrike
Photographer : © Arlene Ripley
Location :Kaziranga National Park, India
Date : 9 February 2004
English synonyms:Schach Shrike, Rufous-backed Shrike, Black-capped Shrike (tricolor), Black-headed Shrike (tricolor), Rufous-rumped Shrike, Southern Rufous-rumped Shrike, Dusky Shrike, Indian Long-tailed Shrike (erythronotus, caniceps), Himalayan Long-tailed Shrike (tricolor, longicaudatus), Chinese Long-tailed Shrike (schach), Sunda Long-tailed Shrike (bentet), Philippine Long-tailed Shrike (nasutus, suluensis, stresemanni)
Bird Family :Laniidae - Shrikes
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :This bird is considered to be an intermediate between erythronotus and tricolor. Such integrades are considered frequent in a large zone in lndia and Nepal.