Oriental Bird Images

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Black-rumped Flameback Dinopium benghalense tehminae   - Adult female
Black-rumped Flameback
Photographer : © Vivek Tiwari
Location :Thattekad, Kerala, India
Date : 17 August 2008
English synonyms:Black-rumped Goldenback, Black-rumped Woodpecker, Lesser Golden-backed Woodpecker, Lesser Golden-back, Lesser Goldenback, Ceylon Golden-backed Woodpecker, Ceylon Red-backed Woodpecker, Golden-backed Woodpecker, Red-backed Woodpecker, Lesser Flame-backed Woodpecker, Lesser Flameback
Bird Family :Picidae - Wrynecks, Piculets, Woodpeckers, Flamebacks & Yellownapes
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :Rasmussen has two subspecies in the southern part of the country - puncticolle in "S. Peninsula" and tehminae in "W Ghats". Based on lack of very distinct white spotting on the black throat and lack of very distinct white sports on the upperwing coverts (it has one row of spots but not very distinct - not so obvious in this image but in other angles) and assuming that lowlands west of the Western Ghats are in the range of tehminae, assigning that as the subspecies. - VT