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 Devendra Bhardwaj
Devendra Bhardwaj
 I am a member of the Rajasthan Forest Services. My first Posting was in Pali District. Right from 1982 I have been deeply involved in the protection of wild animal of India in general and Rajasthan in particular. I seized parts of foxes brought from Himalayan reason and registered the cases. During my posting in Ajmer District I provided the Habitat of breeding for the Great Indian Bustard (Godavan) and made Godavan protection more popular with the local people. During my posting in Jaipur I helped in the apprehending of poachers and wildlife offenders involved in the trapping and capture of endangered species of wildlife that are including in schedule-I wildlife protection act and the animals were released in wildlife habitat.
Myself a keen bird watcher and wildlife photographer. I was perhaps the first person to spot flamingos in the Jal Mahal area. The picture taken by me made news item in the Rajasthan Patrika (newspaper). I was concerned about the decline in vulture populations in India and conducted surveys of nesting sites of vultures in Tonk district. I participated in the workshop organized for vulture conservation and wrote popular articles on the survival of vultures.
I recorded a photographic evidence of a Sand Boa killing and swallowing a full grown monitor lizard. This was acclaimed as rare photographic evidence by the Bombay Natural History Society and was published in their magazine Hornbill. Myself showed commitment in preserving and developing new wildlife habitat in and surrounding Jaipur city. I executed the difficult task for establishing Smriti Van (Biodiversity Forest) in Jaipur where photographs taken by me are also displayed there to develop bird watching habit to those who visit Smriti Van so that visitors can play role in the conservation of wildlife.
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