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 Manjeet Singh
Manjeet Singh
 Name: Dr. Manjeet Singh
Born: 16 June 1954 in Klang, Malaysia. (My parents from Kashmir migrated to Malaya in 1950.)
Scientific name: Homo sapiens, related to Apes and Bears (Charles Darwin Theory).
Equipment: Born with it and in July 2005 acquired a KOWA TD1 (Scope combined with a a camera - my idiot box.)

Description of me:
Tall dark and handsome with a turban while working, and without a turban when birding but carry a sword. Best looking Singh in the world, for when God made me, he threw away the mould (stop staring you hear). Got married on 16 June 1985 (on my birthday). Tried to have my three children also on 16 June but failed. (How much money it would have saved me to have all 5 functions on the same day.) Have now had my own practice for the last 19 years.
My Hobbies: birding, music and playing musical instruments - and the best instrument I play is My Own Trumpet (ah).
Social Status: Walking National Disaster for my town since birth.

Country :Malaysia
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Occupation :Doctor: Healer of human bodies and sometimes souls
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