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 Amar-Singh HSS
 Picture taken at mangrove forest Lumut, Perak, Malaysia

Dr Amar-Singh HSS & Dr Swee-Im Lim (husband & wife) have been bird watchers for more than 30 years. After having seen several hundred species they have moved from being bird-watchers to bird-friends – not so interested in “ticking” of a new species seen but in spending much time getting to know birds on a personal level, with personalised names and some degree of communication. In their small garden in Ipoh they have 48 species that have visited, of which 35 are frequent visitors or resident. Much of their “bird-watching” is now naked eye so as not to upset their bird friends with limited optics and digital photography for the same reason.

Amar is a senior Consultant Community Paediatrician, Head of the Paediatric Department at Hospital Ipoh and looks after paediatric services in Perak.
Im is self-retired from a conventional government medical practice.
They are interested & involved in the healing of the whole person and offer spiritual direction. They are interested in growing their own spiritual journeys, as individual persons and as a married couple. Their home serves as a ‘monastery’/sanctuary.

Country :Malaysia
Email :amarhss@gmail.com
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Occupation :Consultant Paediatrician (National Health Service)
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