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 Georges Olioso
Georges Olioso
 I am a French ornithologist, writing books on birds (all in French!) and I have written some scientific papers, too. I am a long time ringer : I study the Melodious Warbler Hippolais polyglotta and the contact area between Picus viridis viridis and Picus v. sharpei in south-east France.
I live in Grignan, a small village near the Rhone valley in south-east France, and in Port la Nouvelle, a small town near Narbonne on the Mediterranean coast.
I have made trips to America, New Zealand, central Asia and Europe.
I have been taking bird (and other animal) photographs for more than 30 years... Nowadays I use a digital Nikon D70 + Sigma 80-400 stabilised lens.
Country :France
Email :gol11@orange.fr
Homepage :http://georges.olioso.oiseaux.net/
Occupation :
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