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 Nirmal Ghosh
Nirmal Ghosh
 Nirmal Ghosh, 43, is the Indochina Correspondent for the leading South East Asian paper The Straits Times. Before leaving India in 1991 for Singapore, Nirmal wrote 'The Jungle Life of India' (Lustre Press, 1991). Subsequently he wrote 'Indian Wildlife' (Suntree, Singapore, 1992) and the novella 'Lord of the Grassland' (Landmark, Singapore, 1993).

Nirmal is a Trustee of The Corbett Foundation, a member of the Steering Committee of Project Elephant chaired by India's Minister of Environment and Forests, and a member of the managing committee of Friends of the Doon. He spends much of his time in the field working on wildlife issues.

A part time musician, he was also a founder member of the acclaimed New Delhi-based world music band Ind-Tranzit, and still joins them at concerts when he is able to.

He has lived and worked in India (until 1991, and from 1999 to 2003), Singapore (1991-1994) and the Philippines (1994-1999) and covered much of Asia as a journalist. He currently lives in Bangkok, Thailand.

Country :India
Email :tigerfire@yahoo.com
Homepage :http://www.indianjungles.com
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