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 David Bakewell
David Bakewell
 Studies of bird migration at Beidaihe in 1985 and 1986 got me hooked on this region, and Iíve lived in Asia on and off ever since. Since I became a Christian in 1989, birding has been a way of appreciating Godís amazing creativity and greatness. I particularly enjoy showing birds to people who are new to birding. I want to be continually overawed by the staggering beauty of birds and their environment, just as beginners so often are. My particular interest is in shorebirds and wetland habitats. Iím a newcomer to bird photography, having started in early 2004. "Earth's crammed with heaven, And every common bush afire with God, But only he who sees takes off his shoes, The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries." --Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Country :UK/Malaysia
Email :ddb610@pmbx.net
Homepage :http://digdeep1962.blogspot.com/
Occupation :Language teacher
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