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 Axel Bräunlich
Axel Bräunlich
 Axel Bräunlich, born 1966, has been involved in various ornithological and nature conservation projects since the 1980s. He graduated in biology with specialisation in ornithology, ecology and botany from the Free University of Berlin in 1995. Since then he has been working mainly free-lance. His key areas of expertise cover wildlife and ornithological research, management and monitoring; planning and implementation (conceptual organisation and logistics) of international conservation projects, including ornithological surveys and expeditions, with extensive experience in remote field conditions; environmental education and communication; protected area advocacy, monitoring and management; and data compilation and analysis.

His work focuses mainly on Asian countries (e.g. Mongolia, Russian Far East, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, South Korea, China), but he has also taken part in expeditions to Tanzania and Senegal. Organisations he has been working for include for example WWF, GEF/UNDP and NABU (the German BirdLife Partner).

Axel has been leading bird tours to Tanzania, Spain, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. He is the OBC Representative for Austria and Germany.

Country :Germany
Email :braunlich@ipn.de
Homepage :
Occupation :freelance conservation biologist
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