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 Don Roberson
Don Roberson
 Photo of Don Roberson by David Fisher.

Don Roberson has long been one of the active birders in California (U.S.A.). He was Chair/Secretary of the California Bird Records Committee for 5 years, and served a dozen years on that committee. He has published four books on distribution and identification topics in western North America; his most recent (Monterey Birds, 2d ed., 2002) summarizes status and distribution in his home county. A variety of identification papers have focused primarily on tropical seabirds (Masked/Nazca Boobies, small black-and-white shearwaters, Cookilaria petrels) from experience gained as a seabird observer during a 4-month NOAA cruise in 1989 and from extensive museum research. Although not neglecting his home patch, Don began birding the world in the 1970s. Among his goals is to see representatives of all the families of the world, and a large portion of his web site is devoted to bird families [http://montereybay.com/creagrus/list.html]. His Asian visits started with the Philippines, Borneo (twice), and Indonesia, but he has recently begun to explore continental Asia (India, China, UAE). His photographs are primarily to document his birding trips and are generally "photos of opportunity" rather than well-planned shots. A few photos appear in Handbook of Birds of the World; the best is probably a White-naped Woodpecker from Rajasthan, India.

Country :USA
Email :creagrus@montereybay.com
Homepage :http://montereybay.com/creagrus/
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