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 Wong Kim Seng
Wong Kim Seng
 I rarely came across bird photographers in the field 25 years ago. Today, I often find people with a telescope and digital camera are right where I want to be. If I choose a spot, I am likely to find someone has already set up his tripod there or left some tripod-hole marks behind. Digiscoping has become a common thing in the life of a bird watcher. I often find myself seeing fewer birds than others on a bird watching trip, but I have no need to compete with others. What is good for me is to get a few nice bird pictures and have had an enjoyable holiday at the end of the week. Many of us have easy access around the globe sending emails and pictures. I normally communicate with others with the same interest through the Malaysian Nature Society, especially the special interest Selangor bird group. Through preserving nature, sharing thoughts and pictures, I have learnt more than ever. Wherever I go, camping or long trips, I simply enjoy the company of friends of nature and capturing some beautiful bird pictures on a digital camera. Recently I have improved my own DIY version of a mounting bracket that has enabled me to produce sharper images. My setup is a combination of a budget Meade ETX 90 telescope and the Nikon 995 Cool Pix digital camera.
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