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 My name is Politarius. I only have one name. I was born in Central Kalimantan (Indonesian part of Borneo) and moved to South Kalimantan when I was four years old. In April 2006 I moved to Jakarta and am domiciled in this city until today. Currently I am working in the tourism sector. My main product is alternative tourism such as nature and culture exploration, including birdwatching tours. My working areas cover the Indonesian Archipelago. For birdwatching tours, I organize tours for Bird Tour Asia, Bird Quest (when they first went to the Moluccas), Wings Bird Tour, Rockjumper Birding Tour, Vent Tour, and Alpine Tour Service Japan. I also work with David Bishop, Jared Diamond, Uthai Treesucon and Ben King when he was still active leading bird tours to Indonesia.
Country :Indonesia
Email :elegantpitta88@gmail.com
Homepage :http://goindonesiatour.id/
Occupation :Tour Consultant/Organizer
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