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 Nigel Blake
Nigel Blake
 I am 47 years old and have been photographing wildlife for 30 years, an interest which grew from a general interest in photography, birds becoming a favourite subject because of the challenge they present. I work in the film industry as a visual effects technician/model maker and have been involved with many 007 movies, 'Harry Potter', 'Lost in Space', and quite a few other big films. This work can be a bit like acting insofar as I get long spells between jobs. During these periods I have built up a library of images which I sell for publication. I hope that soon I can make the move to full time wildlife photography as my main source of income. I have been married twice and have a 19 year old daughter, also a keen photographer and artist. - NB (March 2003)
Country :UK
Email :nigel@nigelblake.co.uk
Homepage :http://www.nigelblake.co.uk
Occupation :Visual Effects technician and photographer
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