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 Jugal Tiwari
Jugal Tiwari
 I am from Rajasthan in India. I worked 1989-1995 with BNHS Bird Migration and Grassland Ecology Projects. I also worked with the Sanghi Cements as an Assistant Manager Wildlife and Environment from 1996-2000 (August) and opened a nature Conservation Centre (first of its kind for the Industry). Over 60,000 trees of native species like Salvadora persica and Acacia nilotica were planted by us in Abdasa taluka [district] of Kutch, Gujarat. My main interest is Birds (endemic and endangered species), and conservation of habitats. I have in my collection over 20,000 pictures of the Wildlife of Kutch. I have contributed three research papers on Parus nuchalis, one paper and a short note with Shri. M.K. Himmatsinhji and S.N Varu on Grey Hypocolius. I, along with S.N. Varu, discovered the first active nesting colony of breeding Caspian Terns (300 nests) in the Little Rann of Kutch in 1994. The Glossy Ibis nesting colony at Luna Jheel was discovered by me (500 nests) in the Great Rann of Kutch. I worked three years in Massawa, Eritrea, E.Africa as an Ecologist with an Eco-friendly farm where we used only Seawater to grow crops and food. We created huge wetlands and planted over 500,000 Mangrove trees.
I have also worked in Mount Abu in Rajasthan, India on the birds of Mount Abu in general and Green Avadavat Amandava formosa, a threatened species, in detail. I am moderator of the egroups EritreaBirding and MountAbuBirding which can be found at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eritreabirding/ and http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/mountabubirding/

I am now at the Centre for Desert and Ocean (a regd trust E 2116 Kutch), working for Ecotourism, Nature Education and Wildlife Conservation in Kutch, Gujarat and can be contacted at the following:
Village Moti-virani
Taluka Nakhtrana
Gujarat 370665
Tel: 0091-2835-221284
CEDO Tel: 0091-9825248135
email: cedoindia@yahoo.com

Country :India
Email :jugalt2000@yahoo.com
Homepage :http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/mountabubirding/
Occupation :Ecologist
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