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 Reginold Thankappa
Reginold Thankappa
 I am a computer software engineer and the Managing Director of the software company Comtek Services Pvt Ltd. I live in New Delhi with my wife Sunita, two sons Kevin and Evan and two Guinea Pigs. Mostly I spend my time in writing computer software. I am interested in wildlife photography especially taking pictures of birds. On my free time, often I visit wild life sanctuaries and parks with my wife. I have much interest in emerging technologies and enjoy reading technical blogs, articles and books. I came in contact with bird watchers group in the beginning of 2014. It has given me more opportunities to learn about birds from the experienced birders in the field. Now I spend most my weekends in bird watching and bird photography.
Country :India
Email :reginold.thankappa@gmail.com
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Occupation :Computer Software Engineer
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