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 Christoph Bock
Christoph Bock
 My name is Christoph Bock, born in 1966, now working as a freelance biologist in Berlin, Germany. I am a graduate of the Free University of Berlin, where I wrote my thesis on "Wintering swans in the lower Havel area and their effects on rape seed fields by grazing".
My main research projects were:

A: Geese management in the Lower Havel area of Germany
- classification and estimation of the number of geese in this area and their impact on rape seed harvesting
- verification of crop damage
- surveys of specific behaviour of geese with regard to food intake
- public relations work

B: Meadow breeder project in the Lower Havel area
- surveys on the reproductive success of Northern Lapwing, Black-tailed godwit, Redshank and Eurasian Curlew
- classification of predators and determination of their influence on reproductive success by thermo-logging, and calculating the reproductive rate
- designing action plans for the protection of meadow breeders

C: Seabird survey in the southern Baltic Sea, Germany
- recording bird migration from land and vessel by radar
- classifying marine bird areas and their importance in relation to the planning of offshore wind energy parks.

Country :Germany
Email :gallinago@gmx.net
Homepage :
Occupation :Biologist/ornithologist.
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