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 John Chow
 Hi! I am John Chow, a Chemistry Laboratory Technician of a Secondary School in Hong Kong, and I love sharing some wonders for my students outdoors, tennis, badminton, and squash, and sure "the Birding". I have been a birder for three years, and always lead the students to Nature and see how wonders of our Mother Nature is ,,,,!!^^ I have keen interests in Birding, and so I will go for Birding at our nearby city park, and check whether have some interesting birds coming besides us and some special behavior ,,,,,,,!! Surely, if lucky enough, take more photos of the beautiful Birds,,,,!!^^enjoy!!
Country :Hong Kong
Email :starfishchow@yahoo.com.hk
Homepage :www.chemchow.blogspot.com
Occupation :Chemistry Laboratory Technician
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