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 Udayan Borthakur
Udayan Borthakur
 I am a Wildlife Biologist by profession, working as the Head of Wildlife Genetics Programme at Aaranyak, a society for biodiversity conservation in northeast India (www.aaranyak.org). I am studying population genetics of various mammals, primarily the Royal Bengal Tiger and Greater One-horned Rhino in India and the Javan and Sumatran Rhino in Indonesia. I am also involved in studies on ecology and distribution of various bird species and reconstructing molecular phylogenies of Himalayan birds. Birdwatching is a serious hobby, and wildlife photography is my passion, which I have been pursuing for past 15 years or longer. (31 October 2012)
Country :India
Email :udayan.borthakur@gmail.com
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Occupation :Wildlife Biologist
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