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 Paul Jones
 Hello, After bird watching for many years I have recently begun to devote more time to photography. By chance I use Canon gear and am still trying to learn my way around the cameras and lenses. Most of my early pix were taken with a 30D and 300f4. Now I am using a 7D and a 1DM4 with a variety of telephoto lens from the 300f2.8 to the 800f5.6. I find most photography websites intimidating so I am just gradually learning on my own or picking up tips from other photographers - slow and steady. In addition to static portrait shots I like good images of moving birds in cluttered habitat, but I find they are a real challenge to secure.
Country :Canada
Email :pauljodi@magma.ca
Homepage :http://www.flickr.com/photos/paulbjones/
Occupation :Union Staff
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