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 Prashant Gokarankar
Prashant Gokarankar
 I believe in....My mother (Aai)..Nature (As a God)..Love (to Win the world with Smile)..Adventure (In my blood)..Determination (..to bring people close to nature)..Destiny (Only one life..Enjoy Nature..conserve Nature for next generation)

I like to explore jungles. I am always in search of adventure & trill.
Listen to all birds & animals they welcome to you....
Listen to all trees & their rustling leaves they invite you to sit underneath....
See the varied colours of flowers & butterflies they will fascinate you....
Listen to all our flora & fauna they are telling save us for being of all.... to experience it.... once you should visit the forest & then you will realise the true value of it.
The nature is the only existing god for all human beings.. It is generous & merciful but can be furious too..if we do not respect it.
We have to take care of our treasure....
Do not be a nature lover only Try to conserve it. - written by me (Prashant Krishna Gokarankar)

I do not waste my time watching cricket & bollywood movies.. instead of that I spend my time to see Discovery, National Geographic, etc. Cricketers & movie actors are not my ideals but....those who fight to conserve nature.. are my ideals & friends.

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