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 Anvita Mehta
Anvita Mehta
 I am 27yrs old, married in Jaipur, and we have a property called nature farms (Tree house resort, Jaipur) where I go to work with my husband. That's when I started photographing birds. My mentor is Mrs Manjula Mathur --- she has taught me lots in this one year. Me and my husband are complete wildlifers and visit Ranthambore every week, and many other tiger reserves ....and that's how and when I am learning about these beautiful birds. I carry my 100* 400 mm camera with me everywhere I go. It's addictive. I want to learn lots more and not to boast but I am learning fast and loving every minute of it. (18 March 2012)
Country :India
Email :anvita.khandwala@gmail.com
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