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 Connie Khoo
 My interest in bird watching began in late 2002, and since then I have had no regrets taking up this fascinating and absorbing hobby, which will last a lifetime. Much of my time is spent near my home and birding ‘playground’, surrounded by the beautiful limestone hills of Kek Look Tong, Ipoh. To date, my local checklist of birds contains more than 140 species including wintering migrants.

I started taking photos (digiscoping) in 2005. My purpose is to record, and share with others, the different characteristics of the many species of birds observed during my various birding trips. Many photos are for record purposes and some are captured in rare moments.

In 2007 I became interested in studying the behaviour of birds, from hunting, through to courtship, nesting and the fledging of young, as well as other interesting or unusual behaviour.

In 2008 I started to give presentations to schools and Non-Government Organisations.

In 2010 -2011 I spent most of my time observing many nests including a few rare ones. Based on my observations of their feeding behaviour, I have collected new data and submitted them to scientists.

Country :Malaysia
Email :connieksw@hotmail.com
Homepage :http://connieksw.wordpress.com/
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