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 Valery N Moseykin
 I am a biologist engaged in scientific research on birds. Each year I travel long distances covering areas all the way from around the Caspian Sea right up to Lake Baikal. Although I am engaged in the photographing of birds non-professionally, frequently the photographs help me to assess some of the birds’ biological and behavioural aspects. I often use small cheap cameras, which I fix near to places where the bird should appear. The cameras are triggered automatically at each appearance of a bird. I can actuate these cameras by means of a radio signal, too. I also photograph from a hide, which I make on the ground or in a tree. Here I use a 300 mm lens. I take the majority of images on colour print film. In recent years I have devoted much of my attention to the Russian Altai. This region is located in southern Siberia. It is one of the most beautiful and fascinating places on the Planet! In the Russian Altai it is simultaneously possible to see birds from the fauna of Arctic regions, the Central Asian deserts, the Kazakhstan steppes, as well as damp Siberian taiga forest. The Russian Altai also has high mountains with glaciers and very beautiful lakes. For the most part the bird images submitted by me to OBCID, were taken in the Russian Altai. In am now planning to photograph of birds of the Altai fauna in order to assist the development of eco-tourism in the region.

Country :Russia
Email :moseykin@rol.ru
Homepage :http://user.rol.ru/~moseykin
Occupation :Biologist
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