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 Debapratim Saha
Debapratim Saha
 I have been doing birding and wild life photography for years in the northern part of West Bengal. By profession I am a high school teacher of Biology (M.Sc. in Zoology, B.Ed, University of North Bengal) and part time professional wildlife photographer. I worked on Project Red Panda a decade ago at Singhalila National Park, Darjeeling. Also worked on Satyr Trogopan and Kaleej Pheasant under WWF at Neora Valley NP, Darjeeling. I try to make school students and forest villagers aware of the necessity of nature conservation and sustainable development by rescuing animals, how to reduce human-elephant conflict, slide shows of my own photographs with lecture method. Also act as resource person to train eco tourist guides in different sanctuaries of our area. My field work based documentation on elephant accidents by rail has recently been accepted by National Geographic Society and suggestions are being implemented by Indian Railways and the Department of Forests to mitigate accidents.

I have made a pocket field guidebook on the birds of the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary likely to be published shortly by the Govt. of West Bengal.

My gear: Canon 7D+500mm f4,Nikon D80+Sigma 170-500mm lens, Benro legs and gimball head.

Everyone should take responsibility to fulfil their duties towards Mother Earth to save ourselves and forthcoming generations.

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