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 Bjørn Ove Høyland
Bjørn Ove Høyland
 The picture of myself was taken at Karmøy, Norway 10 April 2010 by Kjetil Salomonsen.

I was born in 1973 and have been birding actively since 1988. Have been one month at Beidaihe and Happy Island the autumn of 1998 and one month the autumn of 2009, then mostly at Happy Island. Have also been birding in Eilat (Israel), Spain, Falsterbo (Sweden). My favourite sites in Norway are first of all the offshore island Utsira, but I also like Lista and Jæren. I live in the city Haugesund only 30 minutes walk to the ferry to Utsira. I think that best birding is on an offshore island late in autumn.

Country :Norway
Email :bjorn.ove.hoyland@gmail.com
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