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 R Vijaykumar Thondaman and Clement Francis M
R Vijaykumar Thondaman and Clement Francis M
 Mr.Vijaykumar Thondaman stays at Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu. He is involved in Nature Conservation and Education through Wildlife photography. He can be contacted at Viman29@hotmail.com

He has been instrumental in saving a whale that had got breached in Pointcalimere. He is actively involved in the conservation of the Olive Ridley Turtles in Pointcalimere. Working along with volunteers, he funds a project each year for the safe return of the adult turtles to the sea once they lay their eggs. The project also ensures that the baby turtles on hatching safely reach the sea.

Also, the town he lives is a Python country. Each year, he leads several rescue efforts on injured pythons and is involved in educating the rural folks on the need for wildlife consevation through talks and slide shows.

Clement Francis lives in Bangalore and spends most of his spare time photographing birds. His photographs can be seen in a wide range of books on indian wildlife.

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Homepage :http://www.clementfrancis.com/
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