Oriental Bird Images

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Oriental Bush Warbler Cettia diphone canturians  
Oriental Bush Warbler
Photographer : © Michelle and Peter Wong
Location :Kowloon Hill Catchwater, Hong Kong
Date : 31 December 2003
English synonyms:Singing Bush Warbler, Singing Bush-warbler, Japanese Bush Warbler, Japanese Bush-Warbler, Oriental Bush-Warbler, Tori Shima Bush Warbler, Chinese Bush Warbler, Chinese Bush-Warbler, Manchurian Bush Warbler (canturians, borealis), Manchurian Bush-Warbler (canturians, borealis), Korean Bush Warbler (canturians), Korean Bush-Warbler (canturians), Short-winged Reed Warbler, Short-winged Reed-warbler
Bird Family :Acrocephalinae - Tesias, Stubtails, Warblers & Tailorbirds
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :This taxon is sometimes considered to be a separate species - Manchurian Bush Warbler Cettia (diphone) canturians - but further study is necessary.