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Malayan Night Heron Gorsachius melanolophus melanolophus   - Habitat
Malayan Night Heron
Photographer : © Peter MacKenzie
Location :Taipei Botanical Garden, Taiwan
Date : 1 March 2010
English synonyms:Malayan Night-Heron, Malay Night Heron, Malay Night-Heron, Malaysian Night Heron, Malaysian Night-Heron, Malay Bittern, Tiger Bittern, Malay Tiger Bittern, Tiger Night Heron, Tiger Night-Heron, Malaysian Pond Heron
Bird Family :Ardeidae - Egrets, Herons & Bitterns
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :Birding Asia No.2 (December 2004) reported (p.11) that the Malayan Night Heron had recently been noted breeding in the Taipei Botanical Garden and could be found there with a little effort. Well, maybe I was lucky, but "a little effort" is all it took. There it was in the far west corner just where my 'Birdwatcher's Guide to the Taipei Region' said it would be. Look closely. He's right there in the middle standing very still. - PM