Oriental Bird Images

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Chinese Crested Tern Thalasseus bernsteini   - Adult moulting into non-breeding plumage
Chinese Crested Tern
Photographer : © Carrie Ma
Location :Min River Estuary, Fujian, China
Date : 22 July 2005
English synonyms:Chinese Crested-Tern, Chinese Lesser Crested Tern, Chinese Lesser Crested-Tern, Chinese Tern
Bird Family :Sterninae - Terns & Noddies
Red Data Status :Critically Endangered
Remarks :I joined one of the Chinese Crested Tern surveys organized by Xiamen Bird Watching Society (XBWS) at a sandflat at Min River Estuary, Fujian. One individual was observed. The bird at the estuary was first discovered by XBWS on 8 August 2004. Regular surveys are being conducted by the XBWS under the support of RSPB (Oct 2003 - Jan 2005) and WWF (May 2004 - Mar 2006).

Some other recent sightings of the bird are as below (extracted from "China Bird Watch" 2005.05, data sourced from XBWS):
4 June 2004 - a breeding pair mating at Min River Estuary
18 June 2004 - a pair at Min River Estuary