Oriental Bird Images

Grey-bellied Cuckoo Cacomantis passerinus   - Juvenile being fed by a foster parent
Grey-bellied Cuckoo
Photographer : © Praveen Joshi
Location :Echori Spillway and Reservoir, Yavatmal District, Maharashtra, India
Date : 8 October 2019
English synonyms:Plaintive Cuckoo, Gray-bellied Cuckoo, Indian Plaintive Cuckoo, Grey-headed Cuckoo, Gray-headed Cuckoo, Grey-bellied Plaintive Cuckoo, Gray-bellied Plaintive Cuckoo
Bird Family :Cuculidae - Old World Cuckoos, Koels & Malkohas
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :Being fed by an Ashy Prinia Prinia socialis. - PJ
Taxonomic Notes :Species endemic to the Indian Subcontinent.